The Paradoxical Blood Mage


Level 3
Race: Gnome
Age: 67
HP: 29
AC: 18

STR: 17
DEX: 16
CON: 17
INT: 15
WIS: 13
CHA: 6

Weapons: +3 Magnificent Dagger of Mind Reading, +1 Flaming Shortsword, Stiletto, 4 throwing daggers, 2 silver daggers, Shortbow (100 arrows), Sling (50 bullets), crowbar, hammer, wooden stake, holy water, wolfsbane, charmed garlic, mirror, quill and ink, silk rope, blanket.

Armor: +1 Banded Mail


Blindingly reckless at times and beyond cautious at others, Rinteth is a special breed of slightly insane. Her paranoia and love of bloodshed has led her to carry no less than eight conventional weapons (and several more that are rather mundane and ineffective against the average Orc) on her person at all times. She’s known for being prepared for anything from Aboleths to Zombies, but isn’t very good with people. Especially those she doesn’t like. She’s a strike-first-and-worry-about-the-consequences-later type girl (when she wants to be), and hence has little time for conversation (unless it’s with Melvin. He cracks her up.) As blood magic is typically considered a forbidden branch of magic, Rinteth has no shortage of people that either want to save her or kill her, which has helped to mold her into the wildly calm little door-poker that she is today.


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