• Gruften Copper-tounge

    Gruften Copper-tounge

    A middle-aged dwarf the adventurers met at percy's bar, he decided to tag along with them. He has proven himself useful by picking locks, checking for traps, and throwing rocks. He helped the team slay the great pink worm.
  • Rinteth


    The Paradoxical Blood Mage
  • Beardsley Stormstein

    Beardsley Stormstein

    A stout and short dwarven fighter that helped saved Percy's tavern from annihilation by taking as many arrows as his body could. In another dimension, he was shaved after losing a drinking contest and became severely depressed.
  • Candarr


    A local sheep farmer whose farm has recently been assaulted by some massive beast.
  • Marxin


    Not much is known about this young girl. She's the assistant of the wizard near Baldur's Gate and is often sent on his numerous errands.
  • Percy McFinnigan

    Percy McFinnigan

    The owner of the local tavern Tap & Ale, Percy is a hardened former adventurer that really knows his stuff. He's retired to the life of serving ale and information to the new generation of adventurers.
  • The Wizard Melvin

    The Wizard Melvin

    A senile wizard from a bushy tower near Baldur's Gate. He has revealed some of his exploits from 200 years ago...when he was 793 years old... He also has a brother whose name is unknown. He has proven quite helpful for the identification of potions.