Percy's Pipsqueaks

Trouble Afoot in the Woods

(Each player received 1425xp for the last session, except for the npc ranger/rogue. His take was 200 for only fighting the hydras.)

Brief notes on the last session:
Animal Cruelty

  • Party explored the town more thoroughly.
  • Thief acquired the pair of sentient magic swords.
  • Thief gave the sheep farmer’s brother the jar of worm goop. He was pleased. And confused.
  • The party visited the fighter’s guild, who suggested that they venture outside the city gates and clear the wild animal problem that’s been occurring.
  • The party did so and immediately encountered dire wolves and a black bear in the first tent they came across.

Zombie Spa Party Zombie

  • The party came across a pack of these guys →
  • These faceplate zombies stumbled around and were quite resistant to turning.
  • They nearly overwhelmed the party, but were ultimately defeated.

Crafty Cultist

  • As they continued on they discovered a ramshackle tower.
  • A sneaky little cultist of some sort spoke some incantation, calling forth a summoning circle and a demon.
  • As the party battled this beast, the cultist began his incantation again.
  • Ultimately, he managed to summon 3 full demons before the bloodmage was able to cut him down.
  • The cleric managed to acquire a nice and magical set of armor from the first demon that fell in battle.

Holy Hydra Batman!

  • As the party continued adventuring, they discovered a raised plateau along with a pair of hydras.
  • Like any good adventured, they battled them. Most of the combat was ranged, though the blood mage got all up on that junk. So to speak.
  • They also encountered a ranger/thief who was attempting to deal with the beasts himself. He mostly missed, but he made some attempts to help out.
  • After the two beasts were slain, the party discovered a litter of stone-like Hydra’s eggs. There’s no word as to how developed or viable they are, but it’s an interesting prospect.

The party then returned to their quarters at Percy’s Tavern.



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