Percy's Pipsqueaks

The Great Pink Worm

After recovering the dagger,  the band of adventurers set off back to Percy’s bar. They met a theif and he accompanied them for the rest of the adventure. They then headed to the sheep farm to slay the beast they’d been told was eating the sheep. They discovered that the beast had eaten the sheep and all of the sheep herder’s family, except for the herder’s brother who they had met in the bar. On the way they found a house being attacked by zombies and ghouls. The cleric managed to make them run away in fear with her mighty spells. The house was ablaze and they rescued three people from it. With the family safe, they then set off once more to the sheep farm.

The party went to the cave that Percy suggested. The theif, of course, automatically disappeared into the shadows and went to scout out the area.

After a brief fight with several goblins that ended with them all being crushed by boulders, they started searching the cavern again. Upon further inspection of the boulders, they found an opening and inside was the wizard Melvin’s brother! He had a treasure chest, so the theif offered a trade, one loaf of bread and some mustard for the treasure… the old man accepted.

They then encountered a gelatinous cube & defeated it easily. Though, right after the battle, the bloodmage almost took a plummet by failing to span the jump of a crevice. She managed to grapple to safety. The rest of the party managed the jump and had to battle some harpies. Though the harpies did successfully manage to cast a spell on the theif and the mage that made them fall in love with the them. They eventually defeated the harpies and made it into the next room.

They found a puzzle and they heard someone say, “When master and pet meet eyes, the way will be revealed by fire.” When they finished, the puzzle vents opened in the floor with gas spewing from them. The theif recited the clue and then got a torch and lit the gas; a door then appeared.

The party managed to get past the door and into the next room. In the next room was the great pink worm and a few baby worms. The party defeated the worm, though, the thief and bloodmage very nearly got digested in the process.

The reward was great for the adventurers! They found a dispersion cloak and Eyes of the Eagle for the thief, he also recieved some new armor. They found a ring that was cursed, anyone who put the ring on could not take it off. The rest of the items were of no use to them and therefore were sold for a plentiful bounty. They all also gained a level or two and made there way back to the bar.



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