Percy's Pipsqueaks

Save the Tavern

The party awoke from the remains of a tavern fight in Percy’s Tap & Ale when a dwarven fighter by the name of Beardsley Stormstein kicked down the door and requested the help of every able-bodied warrior and wench to help him save the area outside the tavern. Bandits were raiding, and there no guards in sight.

The party joined Beardsley and took the fight outside to take on three bandit captains, two archers, and a handful of bandit grunts. It was a lengthy battle full of twists and turns. The bloodmage shoved a stiletto in the eye of a bandit with such force that his head exploded. Two of the bandits hid behind blockades for almost the entire fight. The magic user went on an arrow rampage and shot everything that moved. Beardsley constantly forgot he had an axe and thus took more than his fair share of arrows to the knee, thanks in no small part to a prejudiced bandit archer. The cleric managed to bring Beardsley back to a healthy state, but luck didn’t smile on her arrows. The barbarian felled some bandits as well, though one critical fumble led to him lodging his axe in the wall behind him as he wound up for a mighty swing. Finally, the blood mage traveled across the tavern square and up a tower in less than six seconds, leading to a minor case of PTSD for the bandit archer she went to attack.

In the end, the party saved the tavern square of Baldur’s Gate and earned the trust of Percy McFinnigan. A great deal of gold and magic items were handed out by Beardsley and Percy for the valiant deeds.



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