Percy's Pipsqueaks

A Mysterious Dagger

After saving the tavern, the party found out from Percy that their were a few quests around the city that were open. A sheep farmer on the outskirts of Baldur’s Gate has lost several sheep to some sort of beast that he suspects is inhabiting a nearby cavern. In addition, an old and powerful wizard lives just outside of the city and is constantly looking for new artifacts to study and increase his knowledge. His assistant Marxin acquires most of them, but is often overburdened. As a result, he often asks adventurers to acquire the artifacts for him, while allowing them to keep any treasure they acquire in the process. The party elected to assist the wizard with his work, and they were joined by traveling nameless fighter.

The party traveled to the bushy tower of the wizard and entered it, after a brief fright from the golems standing guard. The wizard eventually descended his staircase and mistook the bloodmage for his trusty assistant. After a lengthy and humorous conversation with the wizard about topics such as mayonnaise and hair loss potions, he revealed that the party must seek a magical dagger within a tower within a dungeon. He gave them the location and sent them off.

They arrived at the dungeon and discovered that the door was enchanted and quite the conversationalist. They eventually talked the door into allowing them entrance. The party began to explore the dungeon, which had many locked doors and many traps. One room had an orange couch in it, which hid a badger that attacked the blood mage. A devil named Rasaset then revealed itself and began battle with the rest of the party. They proceeded to slay these beasts and many more throughout the rooms. The bloodmage determined that every door should be poked, and uncovered more than a few traps that way.

The party continued to explore and found a magical book that was crying non-stop. The fighter paged through it, which seemed to calm it down. He then stashed the book in his pack, for later investigation. One particular room was laced with poison insects, which nearly slayed the barbarian and the magic-user. As the party continued exploring, they came across a room in which the very shadows moved forth to attack. The fighter discovered that torches would reveal their forms, and could also damage the creatures. The party managed to slay the pair of shadow beasts, and backtracked a brief amount. They then came to a room with a central pillar and four offset rooms with short staircases. The party split up to investigate, and both the fighter and the bloodmage found nothing in their rooms. The magic-user located a single kobold, whom he quickly shot down. The barbarian however, found that his room was packed to the brim with 3 kobolds, 3 cobras, and a black ooze. The party teamed up to take on the beasts in the small area, though the barbarian was nearly slain again.

As the exploration wound down, the fighter found a talking bastard sword, known as the Finest Sword You’ve Ever Seen. He was intrigued by this magic weapon, and took it to meet another talking sword the party had discovered (along with a very scrawny man) in a secret room of the dungeon. The other sword, a contemptuous and apathetic fellow, allowed for the fighter to wield him as well. Together the blades formed a powerful, if chatty, combination. The party advanced to the final hallway of the dungeon.

As the final hallway, it proved highly treacherous. Every five feet were laced with traps, and every member of the party felt this hallway’s sting. The bloodmage was shot with arrows. The magic-user was thrown into the wall. Traps hit everyone. The magic-user even briefly succumbed to his wounds near the end, and had to be revived again. Finally, the party retrieved the dagger from the tower at the end of the hallway, and carried it back on one of their shields.

The wizard was more than happy to receive his artifact, though he was confused that a second Marxin had arrived. At any rate, he read the crying spellbook which allowed both the magic-user and the bloodmage to jot down additional spells for when they became more powerful later in their careers. He also gave the adventurers a chest which would open in either a week or two weeks; he wasn’t quite sure. The party quickly left with the vast amounts of treasure they had acquired, and advanced to the second level.



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